Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lysistrata Gets Sued

Seems that Kenyan women's groups called for a week-long sex boycott.  They feel that the nation's leaders are placing political rivalry above the common good and seek to, ahem, prick their consciences.

This is an old idea, although one rarely acted upon.  The modern-era update is the response of James Kimondo, who has filed suit against the feminist umbrella group G10:

"Since the women called for the sex boycott, my wife has denied me my conjugal rights. This has caused me anxiety and sleepless nights," Kimondo [told reporters outside the Nairobi High Court, where he lodged his petitions for damages].  "I have been suffering mental anguish, stress, backaches, lack of concentration." 

Yeah, a lawsuit is going to cure the stress.  Sure it is.

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