Saturday, May 23, 2009

"I Love New York"

That's what's printed on the pink boxer shorts worn by US Army Specialist Zachary Boyd in the now-famous AP photo, snapped during an engagement in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley on May 11.

Boyd is from Texas, but picked the shorts up on a quick tourist visit to the Big Apple.  If he drops by for another visit, we'll happily help him pick out another pair.  Hell, ten pair.

Boyd is stationed at someplace called Firebase Restrepo, which per the AP is "on a steep mountainside where soldiers are on constant lookout for Taliban fighters, [and not] a place for formality: Uniforms have holes in them, and some men wear flea collars because of bugs in their beds ...."

Fighting broke out, and Boyd didn't have time to pull on his ragged, bug-ridden uniform pants.  Why?  Because he was busy defending his position.  Making him just the kind of soldier we want to share barracks with, if we ever need to share barracks.

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