Saturday, May 09, 2009

Newsflash! Obama Eats Fast Food!

With that physique, we figured the guy must live on sprouts and protein shakes.

But the funny part is that he apparently ordered a cheeseburger with mustard.  This has the talking heads talking -- well, the stupid ones, anyway.  Yes, we mean you Sean Hannity.  And Mark Steyn, and Laura Ingraham, the last of whom is apparently under the impression that grown men still eat ketchup.

In fairness, the president's offense wasn't so much mustard as Dijon mustard.  Our elderly readers will remember a droll advertisement some years back, in which two rich guys in Rolls Royce touring cars stop on a country road, and one of them begs a jar of Grey Poupon from the other.  (And one of them has -- gasp! -- a French accent.)  Hannity is old enough to remember this ad, or at least to have taken away its central message, that Dijon mustard is the condiment of the elite.  And we suppose he's right, if it's still 1979.  

Since then, the stuff has gone downmarket.  They sell it in squeeze bottles now, right next to the mayo.  For the record, we ourselves put a little Dijon on our pastrami sandwich this afternoon.  And it was good.  So good that we did it again, on another sandwich.

But, for those who want to remember the good old days, when using a fancy mustard meant you flew on the Concorde:


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Pastor Joelle said...

I would say unbelievable but I listen to that Hannity nut more on the radio than I care to admit (Why? that perverse curiosity that makes you watch an accident scene...)
The good part of this nonsense is that this has got to mean they are just running out of stuff to jump on him about...