Saturday, May 09, 2009

Padre Oprah is No Nigerian

Following up on our last post, about sex-starved Nigerians, we might mention the Rev. Alberto Cutié, know to the Cuban-American population of South Florida as "Padre Oprah" because of the advice he doles out on a television program.  Sadly, despite his vows, it appears he has not been sex-starved in the least. 

In pictures, Fr. Cutié appears to be an extraordinarily good looking fellow.  He described as "conservative," and although the secular press often uses that adjective to describe any Roman Catholic who actually supports the Church's teaching, his show is broadcast in Latin America by EWTN, which seems to run the spectrum from genuinely conservative to kinda nutty.

But we have to mention that the current crop of "celibates" who can't keep their zippers zipped includes both the right and the left (see under:  Lugo, Fernado).  And in all fairness, Cutié's disobedience appears -- thus far -- to have been far milder than Lugo's.  But we fully expect a media circus, and are staying tuned for more lurid revelations.

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