Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Stand ... Ummm ...

... not so much corrected as overwhelmed.  And flattered, in a stalker-y kind of way.

Please, if you have an hour or two free, skip down to our spoiler-free meditation upon the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica.  Then read the comment by James Redford.  Clocking in at almost 2900 words -- about twelve pages of typescript -- it is easily the longest blog-comment we have ever received, and if memory serves, the longest we have ever read.  

Well, that last bit is a fib, since we haven't actually read it, so much as skimmed.  It's Saturday, after all, and we have a sermon to write.  His point seems to be that (a) Tipler doesn't prove the miracles happened, but that they could have happened; and further that (b) despite the lack of consensus, Tipler's math has some merit; and yet further that (c) theology, insofar as it is influenced by science, need not restrict itself to scientific ideas which happen to have majority support; and finally (one hopes) that (d)  many scientists are so committed to a god-free worldview that they unscientifically refuse to follow when the equations lead them toward God.

All fair enough, we suppose, although we'd fight him a little on (c), and wonder whether (d) really applies to astrophysicists, whose work deals with some pretty counterintuitive stuff.  But all this begs the bigger question:

Uh, James, dude.  You do know we're talking about a TV show with robots in outer space, right?

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