Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheney "Outraged" By US Justice System

You will grasp the irony, we imagine.

Per the News, the former Veep wanted President Bush to pardon convicted felon Scooter Libby, rather than just commuting his sentence.  Long after Bush had made up his mind (he was, was you will recall, "the Decider"), Cheney kept pushing -- right up to Inauguration Day.

'Sfunny, when you think about it.  Not pardoning convicted felon Scooter Libby may be the only thing Bush ever did, or in this case failed to do, which didn't outrage us.  Remember what Libby did:  in the midst of the Administration's efforts to punish Joseph Wilson, he casually let slip to a reporter that Wilson's wife was an undercover CIA officer.   Then he lied about it, so the actual convictions were for obstruction of justice, perjury (two counts) and making false statements to investigators.

That's a serious crime, in our book.  Remember that they impeached Clinton for lying about his mistress.  And yes, Clinton's HUD secretary, Henry Cisneros, was convicted of (and pardoned for) making false statements to investigators as well, also about a mistress -- but it was one count, no jail time, modest fine.  More to the point, national security wasn't involved in either of these cases.

The News article reveals the distance that developed between Bush and Cheney in the waning years of the Administration, which is interesting enough.  But what truly fascinates us, the same way motorists are fascinated by a car crash, is Cheney's ego.   Per an unnamed "Cheney ally,"

"Cheney places great store in loyalty and thinks Scooter got a raw deal."

So he's angry because he considers Bush disloyal to him.  It's as if he forgets which one was the President.  And how does he deal with his anger?  During his first week out of office, he sits down with The Weekly Standard and bitches about Bush.

Cheney obviously knows as much about loyalty as he does about justice.

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