Monday, February 09, 2009

Maybe We Misread the SSPX

The Society of St. Pius X has removed "Bishop" Williamson as the rector of its seminary, La Reja, outside Buenos Aires. Per the Times:

Bishop Williamson’s views [i.e., that Jews were never gassed to death] “in no way reflect the position of our congregation,” Rev. Christian Bouchacourt, the director of the Latin America branch of the Catholic Society of St. Pius X, said in the statement. He expressed “sadness” that Bishop Williamson’s statements had “discredited” the congregation.

"Discredited?"  To say the least.

This move seems to cast doubt upon our theory, outlined below, that the SSPX does not seek reconciliation with Rome so much as a leadership position among the crazies.  Time will tell.

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