Thursday, February 05, 2009

Be Still, Our Heart

Shakira -- yes, that Shakira, do you know another? -- is really quite something.  The Egg pressroom doesn't play a lot of contemporary pop music, in general.  But we make an exception for this one.  And it's not just the belly dancing in vinyl slacks, either.  For a while, a few years back, we had "Whenever, Wherever" in heavy rotation.  Us and a junior-high girls worldwide.  Not that our masculinity is easily threatened.

Anyway.  Among the many things we love about Shakira is that she is not just a talented songwriter (in two languages, no less), but that she also does her bit for a better world.  Like building schools in her native Columbia -- five so far, including a new one in Barranquilla.

Oh, sure, some people point out that she has built five times as many schools as Oprah.  But we want to point out that she's five times hotter than Brooke Astor.  Not that we need to prove our masculinity.

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Kate the Great said...

Take it back! Brooke Astor was way hot.