Friday, February 13, 2009

Ann Coulter is a Little Girl

Oh, the deliciousness of irony.

At least since the 1960 election, the GOP has insisted that its candidates, when they lose, do so because of voter fraud.  Republican efforts to suppress turnout by any means, legal or otherwise, have led to some of their most memorable recent public embarrassments -- the Justice Department scandal, and resulting weaselly prevarication of Alberto Gonzales; or the entire political career of Katherine Harris.

So, yes, we at the Egg are enjoying the taste of somebody else's comeuppance, as reflected by headlines such as this one:


She really is under investigation, by the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Division.  And she really may have committed fraud, but if so, it appears to have been on a disappointingly minor scale.  

Seems she lives in Manhattan but claims residence at her parents' place in Connecticut.  We can't really get excited about this, although the GOP certainly does.  One of its 2008 talking points was that college students should be barred from voting in the towns where they spend nine months of the year, and required to vote in the town where their parents live.  By that measure, of course, Coulter is being perfectly consistent with the policy of her party.  

However, we have to point out that Ms Coulter is no longer a college student.  Maybe it's time for her to grow up. 

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