Friday, December 05, 2008

Warning: Obama May Actually try to WIN War on Terror

And it may not make life easy for Hamid Karzai.

Such, at least, is the Economist's hopeful prediction.  Obama has already spoken about sending more troops to Afghanistan and taking aim at the Islamist refuges in Pakistan; his nominee for State has done likewise, and  (in the mag's view) is likely to appoint as special envoy her old pal Richard Holbrooke, who appears to be of similar mind, and to actually have a strategy.  A diplomatic strategy, mind you, which involves working with regional powers, rather than simply funneling money and weapons into Afghnaistan and hoping for the best.

Oh, and Biden got so ticked at the Afghani president one time, he left the room in a huff.

All told, it looks like the days of photo-ops and easy money may be drawing to a close, and Mr. Karzai may actually be asked to govern for a while.

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