Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We've been scanning the Papist internet tonight, and come across a few tidbits.  

Our favorite by far is from Zadok the Roman.  He tells of a 106-year old American nun, residing in Rome, who voted in the last election.  Her last vote was for Eisenhower; this time, Obama.

And elsewhere:
  • The Egg's takeout on the SAPUSAC got a favorable mention from the splendid St. Superman.  Back atcha.
  • The Daily Peep is a labor of love.  Heck, its blogroll alone is a treat.  Not to mention the masthead.  
  • The Congregation for Divine Worship has a new prefect, replacing Arinze:  Antonio Cardinal Llovera, a pleasingly short Spaniard, comically partial to the cappa magna (picture up top).  As to his theological style, Observatrix calls him "Ratzingerito."
  • The Biblia Clerus site which we have not yet had time to explore, appears to be a nerd's paradise created by the Congregation for the Clergy -- lectionary texts and ancient commentaries, magisterial documents, the Codes of Canon Law, Latin and Eastern.
  • Damon Linker's Theocons is under twelve bucks at Amazon.  Merry Christmas!

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