Monday, December 22, 2008

The Most Useful Site on the Net?

S. Aurelii Augustini Omnia Opera, natch.  The complete works of Augustine -- easily the most important theologian after Paul -- in the original Latin.  (They also have translations, if you like Italian better).

We've been using the site for four-five years now, and find it extremely useful.  Let's say you have decided -- true story! -- that one of your friends has stumbled into the heresy of Jovinian.  So there you are, cruising through the NPNF edition of De bono coniugali, and you think, "Wait.  Would a 4th-century African really have talked that way about sex?"  Well, thanks to The Most Useful Site, you can check the original in seconds, see that in fact he did say it exactly that way, and feel foolish for ever doubting the perpetual modernity of St. Augustine.

People, this is a wonderful time to be alive.  Even if the jet-packs have been taking a while.

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