Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jesus Has a New Birthday!

June 17, according to some astronomers.  In 2 BC.  Apparently, that's when they figure Venus and Jupiter lined up to create an oversized "star" pointing toward Bethlehem.  

Sigh.  Every year, about this time, the news magazines run some story along these lines, just as every spring they sell a few copies with a cover story on the Jesus Seminar or Bishop Spong, proposing that he couldn't really have risen from the dead.  (Never mind the obvious question, about whether this celestial conjunction adequately describes what, to our reading, looks less like giant star and more like a bit of astrological divination.)  Trite media efforts to demean the Christian holy days are as much a part of  the season as gluhwein and popcorn balls, we suppose.  And in that spirit, let's give them the reaction they are hoping for:

Oh, no! This means the end of Christianity as we know it.  The Age of Faith is going to be washed away like ... I dunno ... sand-castles at Dover Beach.

Because, hey, it's all about the astronomy.

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