Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Science: Islam Ready to Inherit Wind

This chart, shamelessly cribbed from 3quarksdaily (which we assume cribbed it from the subscription-only content at Science), gives us a pretty fair glimpse at the shape of things to come, culture-wars-wise.

Author Salman Hameed argues:

the next major battle over evolution is likely to take place in the Muslim world .... Relatively poor education standards, in combination with frequent misinformation about evolutionary ideas, make the Muslim world a fertile ground for rejection of the theory. In addition, there already exists a growing and highly influential Islamic creationist movement. 

We can scarcely wait.   It has been such a joy to watch the anti-intellectual Christianists undermine American science-education these past few years, and how much more fun will it be when, say, the Taliban gets in on the same act? 

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