Friday, March 05, 2010

Three Good Reasons Not to Fly

Number One is obvious:  airplanes make an astonishing contribution to global warming.  

But the other two may be less obvious.  To wit,

Number Two:  Air France 447 could happen anytime, to any plane.  The investigation has "brought to light a safety flaw that affects all jet airplanes currently in service."  You did catch that, right?  Every jet plane in service.  Including the one you were going to take on your next family vacation.

Number Three:  They let kids run air-traffic control at JFK.  Just try not to think about it.

All this creates a bit of conundrum for Father Anonymous and his family.  Unless steamship fares drop precipitously, or the Atlantic Ocean freezes over and becomes walkable, it appears we may have to stay on the far side of the pond ... forever.

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Pastor Joelle said...

You left out the part about having to take your shoes off and not being able to file your nails

You know I thought they blew the kid thing out of proportion. No you shouldn't do it but I'm sure the kid was just saying what they told him to say...I can think of worse things.

But the biggest reason not to fly is that it's just too damn expensive anymore.