Thursday, March 25, 2010

Excommunication Update

Still no word on what David Piso actually did.  But here's what we could learn with a little more googling:

Since 1982, the guy has been presiding bishop of the Gutnius Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea.  This is the smaller (by far) of two PNG Lutheran church bodies. It is dually aligned with the LWF and the Missouri-centric ILC.  

So the news story linked below is a little misleading, because it doesn't explain that this is not a case in which the discipline was imposed by somebody's ecclesiastical superior -- he has none, at least no individual.  The disciplinary action must have been initiated by people who worked for the guy.

That doesn't tell us much.  It could all involve the revelation of some shocking misdeeds, or just another shabby power play.  We just don't know -- and the suspense is killing us.

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