Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bush's War on Christianity Continues

Of course, it is Obama's war now, at least in the sense that he has not yet ended the American involvement in it. But Bush started the war, for reasons which will be debated for decades to come, and so in that sense Iraq will always be his war.

And if it is not technically a war on Christianity, it is certainly a war in the course of which Christians have been systematically slaughtered with the express intention of creating a new nation in which they no longer exist. Substitute "Jews" for "Christians" and see if that reminds you of anything. In fairness, the analogy is imprecise -- the government hasn't orchestrated the violence. It simply declines to stop it.

The latest, according to Le Monde (above, in French) is from northern Iraq -- Karakosh, Nineveh, and in this case Mosul:

On Feb. 14, a kibbeh-vendor was killed in the city center. The next day, a seller of fruits and vegetables was targeted in his shop. The day after, it was two students on their way to the university who were victims of an armed attack that killed one of them. And the same day, the body of a schoolteacher was found in the street, riddled with bullets.

There's lots more like this. The family of a priest, murdered in their own home. Convents turned into emergency dormitories for families unsafe in their neighborhoods; the police standing by uselessly.

It has cost us more than $700 billion dollars so far, and this is the nation we have created. And yes, we are fighting against the bad guys. But we started the war.

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