Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Paging Casey Jones!

There's a train wreck a-coming.

Or so, at least, suggests the blog Spirit of a Liberal, linked above. We ourselves have pointed out that the New ALC and our old friends at the almost-400-church strong LCMC will soon have two denominations for not quite 600 congregations. "Liberal" goes into more detail, teasing out some of the confusing relationships and the inevitable public posturing that has begun, as the groups try to poach form one another while both poaching from the ELCA.

We admire the guy's (or girl's? We aren't sure) perseverance, because keeping tabs on this stuff must mean surfing through an unbelievable number of badly-written documents, online and off, churned out by the power-hungry and the merely malcontent. We couldn't do it.

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mark said...

Robert Holmen ("Spirit of a Liberal") just published a novel ("A Wretched Man") about the life of Paul. It will be interesting to see how it compares in its POV to "Dear and Glorious Physician". ;-)))