Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sex Makes You Smarter

Actually, no.  But it's a catchy header, huh?  And in fact, new research suggests that the nature of somebody's most private fantasies does have an effect, not on intelligence, but on the specific kind of thinking that a person does.  

Basically, people who are asked by researchers to fantasize about coitus with a stranger become better at detail-oriented analytical thinking, while those who are asked to think about a romantic walk with their chosen partner become better at the sort of creative thinking which brings together disparate ideas.

Our first thought:  This explains a lot about science-fiction writing, and especially about the math-heavy, research-based sub-genre known as (ahem) "hard s/f."  

Our second thought:  What does this say about the masters of logical, analytical theology -- the systematicians?  Hmmm?


Anonymous said...

Oh, brother. You are bad. web

Father said...

I just had two ideas rattling around in my head, and they magically came together. And in my own defense, two words: Paul Tillich.

Of course, I might have also asked what this says about actual scientists, including those who wind up in sensitive church posts. If you see what I mean.