Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pink Gun Saga Continues

When last we left the charitable souls at Discount Gun Sales, they had just stopped offering their modified Walther P-22 "Hope Special" for sale, and the embattled folks at Susan G. Komen for the Cure were loudly proclaiming that they had nothing to do with any guns, what are you talking about?

Since then, there has been a funny little dance between DGS and Komen. (Nice description at HuffPo). basically, Komen says that they never authorized the Hope Special, and never received any donation from DGS. Meanwhile, the people at DGS say -- anonymously -- "Yeah, we cut them a check," but decline to provide specifics.

Where does the truth lie? We have no idea. At the moment, though, it looks as though either (a) DGS is just lying, which would not surprise those of us who don't trust the firearms industry, or else (b) Komen's Seattle chapter has lousy record-keeping skills and donor follow-up, which would not surprise those of us in the non-profit world. Of course, it could also be that (c) Komen is lying, or even (e) the whole story was concocted as a publicity stunt, to drum up business for DGS and/or distract attention from Komen's other recent PR mishap.

Best of all, it appears that the Hope Special will go back into production, although its proceeds -- if any -- will go to some other cancer-related charity.

We'll say this for the Hope Special: it's a great weapon if you ever have to perform a covert assassination inside a cotton-candy factory.

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