Thursday, February 02, 2012

Eddie Long is Now a King

And not the "Martin Luther King, Jr." kind, either.

Eddie Long, the Prosperity Gospel pastor accused of diddling the choirboys, has returned from a hiatus ("to work on problems in his marriage") just in time for his own coronation, which took place at his church -- if that's the word we want -- on Sunday. And mind you, Long wasn't just crowned king; he was crowned a Jewish king, which is much more impressive to a certain sort of sectarian mentality.

Anthea Butler posts some video at Religion Dispatches, as well as tart commentary. ("If it weren’t so offensive to Christian and Jewish sensibilities, it would be laughable.") Butler goes on to suggest -- okay, to state bluntly -- that Long is the leader of a cult, and a potentially dangerous one. She makes explicit comparisons to Jim Jones.

For us, it brings back terrifying echoes of Jack Hickman, the choirboy-diddling secret rabbi of Massapequa.

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