Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Fast of the Fingers

During Holy Week, by tradition, the Lenten fast is extended to become a "fast of the ears," during which church bells fall silent. At least in theory.

We think it may do us some good, spiritually, to attempt a "fast of the fingers" this year, by which we mean a forty-day abstinence from blogging. Starting today, the Egg will go silent until Easter.

Well, almost. We'll answer comments (the polite ones, anyway) and we will actually blog a lot more than usual over at our parish soapbox. The difference is that those posts will be about faith and ministry, they'll be less combative -- and they'll be written in the first person singular, if we can still remember how that works. (Ego ... sum, is it?)

Mind you, should something really important happen -- Jesus comes, war is declared, or Newt Gingrich gets a lock on the nomination -- we may need to say a little something here as well.

Assuming, however, that things go as usual, we'll see you all in early April. Until then, say your prayers, preach well, and defy the forces of evil.


Jonathan said...

I think your "finger fast" is a wonderful idea. I hope you the time away refreshing.

stynxno said...


Pastor Joelle said...

Well darn. But it is Lent.