Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dept. of No Surprise: Headlines Edition

Sometimes, just skimming the headlines can turn us back into fourth-graders. At least it can provoke the comment most heard on our fourth-grade classroom -- apart, of course, from speculation about cooties. In our tender years, when somebody said something that was obvious, stupid or both, it was the custom of our cohort to respond derisively, "No duh."

A few years later, scatological Holmesiana came to serve the same purpose. But in the fourth grade, people still said "Duh," which curiously meant the same thing with or without the "no."

And in the spirit of the fourth grade, we offer a few of today's no-duh headlines (bear in mind that the headers of different pages may vary; all of these, however, have been observed verbatim at some point today):
These are all worthwhile stories, we imagine -- worth reporting and worth reading. It's just that none of them can possibly come as much of a surprise to anybody.

Now, this, on the other hand, surprises us -- and delights us:

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and "shatner's world" had a nice review today