Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pot and Kettle

Anthony Weiner is stepping down. By now, perhaps, he has already done it. We're glad, of course; as we've already said, he won't be able to function in office right now, and in any case his first priority must be to care for his wife and unborn child.

Let us take a moment to point out that David Vitter is still serving in the US Senate. Vitter did not, so far as we know, stand in front of a TV camera and lie to his constituents. The fact is that, when the news of his involvement with a DC prostitution ring first went public, Vitter 'fessed up pretty promptly. This is what Weiner should have done. It would not likely have made his marital situation any more congenial, but might have salvaged his legislative career.

On the other hand, let's also remember that, while Vitter may not have lied outright, telephone records suggest that he was making dates with his prostitute friends during a House roll-call vote. Or maybe they just reached his answering service, because he couldn't be swayed from his public duties.

Either way, we wish it were either a little harder or a little easier for public officials to be destroyed by scandal.

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DR Dan said...

Maureen Dowd's wisdom: "Worn out by the rampant sexting of Anthony Weiner and the relentless blogging of Archbishop Dolan, I’m wondering if our institutions need to rejigger: Maybe pols should be celibate and priests should be married."