Saturday, June 04, 2011

Do You Like Your Bank?

We don't. Despite generally good relations with branch employees, we don't recall ever really liking a bank. Soliciting your business, they are the most ingratiating of suitors; once they have it, you are lucky to get a cold and distant spouse, and not an outright abuser.

Case in point: A Florida couple who paid cash for their home, and never took out a mortgage. Despite this, bank of America began foreclosure proceedings. The court found this ridiculous, and demanded that the bank pay the couples' legal fees.

Which the bank, being a sleazy bunch of creeps, didn't do.

Until, five months later, the couple's attorney showed up at the bank branch with some moving trucks. And some marshals. And a warrant, authorizing him to seize furniture, computers, filing cabinets and ... cash. From a bank.

Bank of America paid up within the hour.

Gawker has the story here. And we have learned a couple of important lessons: (1) hide your cash in the mattress; and (2) if you're in trouble with the Bank of America, call Todd Allen, attorney-at-law.


mark said...

I take it you also saw the Gawker story on Nazi Smurfs.

Father Anonymous said...

Somehow, I missed the Nazi Smurfs. Curse my short attention span!