Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wow. Straight Men Really Like"Band of Brothers"?

Yup. That much. Along with poker, cars and "my boat."

Father Anonymous is suddenly a wee bit anxious about his masculinity. But he did like Private Ryan, which is next on the list. Said list is one of the many gay-straight cultural analyses blogged yesterday by OKTrends. This is the research arm of dating site OKCupid, and apparently combed through what is called the "data exhaust," such as the number of times a word is used in a profile, produced by its gazillions of users.

According to OKT, for the veracity or even existence of which we cannot vouch in the slightest, the results basically show that all the stereotypes are true.* Gay men like Drop Dead Gorgeous and The Devil Wears Prada; lesbians like The L-Word to the near exclusion of everything else on earth. straight women actually do like lip gloss and Nicholas Sparks, which -- when compared to the list of things straight men like -- makes one wonder where babies actually come from, since it can't be these mismatched weirdoes.

A few revelations may interest Egg readers in particular, such as this one:
Religion is the opiate of the masses, so long as the masses are straight. However, amass a bunch of lesbians and you're going to need actual drugs.
And we should all be troubled by a chart showing that, in almost equal numbers, women are twice as likely as men to believe that the Earth is larger than the Sun.

Can this be true? We genuinely don't know. The blog post is very funny, and written for a popular audience. It could be nothing more than a hoax to garner publicity and click-throughs. If so, it has succeeded spectacularly well, since we read it through this morning three times: laughing, wincing, and laughing again.
*All save one. There is no mention of gay men and opera, which makes us question the validity of the whole exercise. And we speak both as an opera lover and a realist.

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Anonymous said...

*Anything Lady Gaga does IS opera.