Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Much?

We're thinking about posting this on the church door and elsewhere around town, to advertise our Reformation Day service. There's a sermon to go with it, natch.

We had been monkeying around with the usual images -- the 95 Theses, Luther posting them, the solas and the rose and so forth. We love them all, but none of them seemed quite right.

At a time when scandals are everywhere, giving has tanked, the credibility of the clergy is at an all- time low and a muscular atheism is on the rise, this seems to be the question worth asking. And answering.

But is it a little too in-your-face? We can't decide.



Anonymous said...

Maybe a wee bit over the top. If Holy Church looks like that, bring in the bulldozers.

mark said...

Too much focus on a gutted building. It is the body that needs to be renewed, not the exoskeleton.
By the way, I just picked up a perfectly preserved snakeskin that the critter had shed on the wall of my foundation today.
Do you know that old country & western chestnut: "Where Could I Go?"?
Reminds me of one of your grandfather's sayings: "A church that doesn't change, dies."