Friday, October 22, 2010

Horton Hears a What-the-%&$@?

Joe Carter at First Things writes:

If I told you that an American church was having a Dr. Seuss themed supper and communion, how many guesses would I have to give you before you figured out it was Episcopalian church?

Just one? That’s what I thought. Who else would have a “Seusscharist”?

Fr. Bryan Owen reminds us that these are the same people who brought us the U2charist, the clown Eucharist, and the Pirate Eucharist. The dean of Nashotah House (along with a moment's reflection) reminds us that it is not really a great idea.


troutbirder said...

A tempest in a teapot I'd say. Or was it discussed at the Mad Hatters get together?

FrPaulB said...

To be fair the Pirate Eucharist is a spoof from a comic detective story. There is a complete mass setting though! Arrr!

Father Anonymous said...

I'm overjoyed to hear that the Pirate Eucharist is a joke. And, having followed your link and flipped through it, a kind of funny one. (On the other hand, I don't think I'd find it funny of it were actually performed, which is a crippling irony).