Friday, August 06, 2010

We're Also Number Ten

And that's a crime.

Those same bozos at the Princeton Review also put together a list of America's ten most beautiful college or university campuses. Obviously, this list is based on the buildings and grounds. If it were about "beautiful people," in the pejorative sense (i.e., snotty pampered socialites), our own college would have no meaningful competition. If it spoke of spiritual beauty, we suppose Berea or someplace would rate. But really, who rates that?

Still, we're number ten, and it's a crime. It is particularly galling, for cultural reasons, to rank behind Sweet Briar or Holyoke -- and for purely aesthetic reasons, to fall behind the desolate Communist-inspired concrete parking lot that is Florida Southern. (Okay, yeah, it's Frank Lloyd Wright, but on a really mediocre day.) Do those people have any idea how much money Frances Ferguson pumped into those golden hundred acres in Poughkeepsie, back when the markets were booming and endowments were actually worth something?

Incidentally, we are also ranked behind Princeton University, a campus with which the Egg staff is intimately familiar. This is an obvious error! In a straight-up contest of chapels, mind you, Princeton crushes us. Otherwise, however ... mehhh.

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