Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Her Parents Must Be So Proud

Following our new policy of stealing all the creepiest news from Gawker, here's a story that has us laughing until we cry.

Seems that one Corinna Burt, an Oregon bodybuilder, is also a leader -- not just a member, but a leader -- in the white supremacist world. Before that, she was featured in some very dirty BDSM porn. We'll spare you the pictures, and for pity's sake don't click our link unless you have a stomach of iron.

Burt presents her story as a sort of Damascus Road, if the Damascus Road led from Gomorrah to Babylon:
Corinna says white pride inspired her to quit porn. "If we consider ourselves a master race then we have to act like a master race, not degenerates," she says. "I credit my involvement with the N[ational] S[ocialist] M[ovement] and my awakening racial consciousness as what got me out of the porn industry for good. I have no desire to return, though I admit 'Nazi Girls Gone Wild' has a nice ring to it."
Ick. We suppose it is a personal transformation. And if she had, say, gone to medical school and cured cancer, we be moved beyond words. As it is, we are simply staggered, and sad for her family. Especially her daughters.

By the way, her last porn shoot was 2009, so it's not as though she's talking about the distant past here.


karlgharst said...

Has Corinna Burt gassed some elderly pious Jew? Lynched any crippled black children? From what I have read she has only been victimized by the adult film industry, internet and media smear-artists and the thugs in the ARA. If she stands for the life God gave her who can condemn her? I don’t see what Corinna’s doing is any different than our earlier Patriots efforts to escape from ‘under the thumb’ of the Rothschild’s’ Bank of England from whose “debtors prisons” and “poorhouses” most of us came out of to begin our Nation – and whose bonds we have not yet broken. Corinna seems genuine in her belief - and that means she believes like all the other patriots I know, that “Everyone has a right to defend themselves” and “Everyone has a right to a place called home.” Recognizing that our current social engineers don’t seem to share the same philosophy we should admire her courage to stand against this injustice! We should be pinning medals on her chest and commending her for seeking the truth and standing up for it when she finds! Fighting organized crime is what all honest citizens should be doing! Karl Gharst

Father Anonymous said...

Okay, let's be honest: you've posted this same comment on blogs all over the net; show some originality in your white-supremacist ranting, wouldja?

For readers who don't know, Karl Gharst -- if that is indeed the name of the person who sent in this comment -- is a Montana resident closely aligned with the Aryan Nations people. He has served jail time for threatening the life of a social worker.

Here's some background:

So when you read the comment above, please do consider the source. The icky, icky source.