Sunday, August 15, 2010

Religious Relativism in a Nutshell

A trail marker in Scotland, from Doug Lansky's list of the eight most insanely obvious signs of all time, at HuffPo.


Anonymous said...

"Sex. Religion. Politics. All the stuff they don't want you to talk about in public." All cheer for the Egg's motto, but, hey, there's no time to talk about it in public or in private with the breakneck speed of Father A's cranking it out. Why there's hardly the chance to craft a proper knee-jerk response before the next 3 or 4 Father A posts come rolling in. Life is short, we know, but please slow up just a bit there Father A. Enjoy the summer air. Go to Paris with the lovely Mrs. A and popular Baby A; please let us catch our breath. web

Father Anonymous said...

Paris, you say? Done!

The truth is that summer in Cluj is slow, so there's been extra desk time for blogging. But now that you mention it, we do have any number of little side-projects that deserve our time: the novel, the breviary, the history. Oh, and the child. Bet little what's-his-name would like some of my time, wouldn't he?