Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sexy Conservative Movement Infighting

But we're taking a break, so you won't read about it here.

Father Anonymous, with Mother A. and the Toddler, leaves shortly for a few days of R&R. In about 16 hours, we expect to be checking into a quaint little two-star in the Marais, scouting around for our first made-in-France croissant in lo these twenty-five years. But we ain't there yet. There's packing to finish, sleep to fake, and the crack of dawn at which to awaken. Whence, no time for blogging.

So here's our suggestion: click the links to read a quickie about Ann Coulter, who was scheduled to speak at two different rightist pow-wows, but has been dropped by one. Apparently the Birthers just can't stand the gays, even the gays who call themselves "GOProud," and regard Coulter as the Judy Garland of their movement. Seriously.

Then, when you've finished reading, say something unkind about all parties. Extra points for funny. Super-extra points for finding the religious angle. Super-duper extra points if you feel the urge to use vulgar words of language (which is a quotation, not a solecism). And quintuple-word-score if you manage to mock the NewALC.

If you've done all that, then our mission is -- how does the saying go? -- accomplished.

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