Monday, August 03, 2009

When Orphrey Bandings Go to the Dark Side

There's a blog devoted to bad vestments. It's very small, and they have royally pissed off our friend Pastor Joelle, so they lose points for that as a matter of principle. It seems to be run by snide Anglican conservatives (redundancy alert!) who condescend to all the usual things. More points lost. And a few of the "ugly vestments" are really quite nice, in a modern sort of way. So there's that.

But still. It's a cute idea for a blog.


Pastor Joelle said...

It's a great idea...if it wasn't done with such a mean spirit. (and not included MY stole)

Just goes to show you taste is a funny thing. Some were quite horrid but I thought some were beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You're familiar with this blog, right? (web)

Father said...

I am, and I love it -- despite the covert Unitarian propaganda. (And the all-our war on Crocs. Yeah, yeah, yeah -- but damn it, they ARE comfortable).