Friday, August 21, 2009

If You're Preaching on Sunday ...

... consider the "De-baptism" phenomenon.

Atheists have begun "de-baptizing" themselves. Sometimes this involves buying a certificate that they can hang on the wall; sometimes it involves having a guy in robes point a blow-dryer at you to dry off any remnant of the water.

One wonders why atheists, having abandoned religion, still need its customs and ceremonies, even if only in the form of mockery. Oh no -- one doesn't wonder, does one? One knows.

Anyway, it might be an angle to approach the followers of Jesus in John 6 who just can't hack it, and turn away. (After five slow weeks of John 6, we suspect that many of the faithful will be a bit squirmy in the pews themselves).

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

And one wonders why there are adamant atheists who have to write books, go an radio and TV talk shows, trying to convince others that they are so right. Thou dost protest too much. ??? Or I'll feel better about my view if I get others to agree with me? Or I've got myself a new religion?