Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Speaks, Uhh, Frankly

Conservative activists have been turning out at town hall meetings, casting ever-more-ludicrous aspersions upon the president and his call for health-care reform. To our horror, they actually seem to be gaining some traction, proving that PT Barnum was right about the birth-rate of suckers.

In this precious clip, one woman (possibly a Larouche plant) asks Barney Frank why he is supporting Obama's "Hitler-like policies." Because, yes, providing health care for poor people is a lot like exterminating Jews, Gypsies and gays. And the Bay State's favorite gay Jew treats her with exactly the respect she deserves. Enjoy:

"Like arguing with a dining room table." The guy's our new hero.


Pastor Joelle said...

These people are crazy I can't even blog about it without loosing my mind.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I've come to like, in a perverse way, the biased news programs on MSNBC because they point out the obvious and error-filled strategies of those who are in the No Party.

Quite frankly, I like to hear and read good arguments from various points of view, but these seem to be hard to find from those who lean right. I've been a certified health insurance counselor, so I can see "errors" in the arguments without trying.

The Right really needs to get some education so they too can see through bad arguments. OH YEAH, that would mean they can't be lead around by the nose.

Word verification is spoxian, which sounds like a description of a type of false argument.

Soulbuick02 said...

Bravo, Barney. And bonus points for not ending his sentence with a preposition ("On what planet do you spend most of your time?").

Father said...

Yeah, I appreciated his syntax, too.