Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Plugging for Another Blog

Among its many current delights, GetReligion offers these bits of overlooked news:
  1. Amidst all the other turmoil, Episcopalians have settled upon a second reason to prevent somebody from becoming a bishop. Even if elected by his diocese, the national church refuses to admit a priest who is also an ordained Buddhist (whatever, exactly, that means). Can one blame it?
  2. Methodists. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of them, but they don't get much attention? If you added the ELCA and the PECUSA together, you could still throw in the UCC just for laughs before adding it up to match the American membership of the UMC. GR describes some recent wrangling over polity, behind which inevitably is wrangling over sex, and asks a serious question: Why doesn't the press give these people more attention?


Pastor Joelle said...

Well there were a couple of interesting posts but when it defended Walmart (which I think is evil and that has NOTHING to do with whether or not it's fundamentalist) and then started complaining about including women's reproductive health in healthcare reform I had to take it off my blog roll lest people think I agree with it's POV.

Father said...

This actually touches on an interesting problem: What to make of blogs where the SOME of the posts (and, far more often, comments) address politically neutral religious or cultural subjects, in which one is acutely interested -- but OTHERS promote political causes by which one is appalled?

These are frequent in the world of religious blogging. I experience it myself with WTTPRS, a blog which by turns fascinates and repels me, simply depending on what Fr. Z happens to be thinking about that day. GR usually exercises a bit more effort to keep comments on-topic, but obviously has failed a few times (defending Wal-Mart? Seriously?).

I wonder: Does the problem also occur on physics or literature blogs?

Another website which I frequent -- a forum for collectors of military watches -- handles the situation by asking posters to restrict themselves to the subject of watches, and also provides a semi-secret "general forum" to sound off about other subjects.

Pastor Joelle said...

Well I have a list of blogs on my favorites on my computer that don't necessarily reflect my POV but sometimes have interesting news and I want to know what the "other side" is thinking. I try to keep on my public blog roll those blogs that are closer to my viewpoint. I guess you could have a list with a disclaimer - "the views expressed here don't necessarily reflect the views of Pastor Joelle and/or her affliates..."