Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ordinariate Demographics

Fr. Hunwicke observes that those CofE priests who have entered, or who are known to be entering, the Ordinariate of O.L. of Walshingham tend to be middle-of-the-road Anglican conservatives, rather than fire-breathing Anglo-Catholics. As he says, this will probably disappoint those who had hoped that the Ordinariates would "clean out" the Church, taking its eccentric malcontents and leaving behind those who could, more or less, live with such evils as the ordination of women.

What entertains us most about his post is the observation that "It is what you might call the Grantleys rather than the Arabins who now who sidle up to you and shyly, proudly, tell you that their dossiers have come back from the CDF marked with a great big tick."

In the same spirit, we might mention that we have recently de-friended the fellow this blog refers to as Mr. Slope. Long story, and not one that makes anybody look especially good, but the bottom line is that as we keep saying, there seems to be a pernicious impulse among middle-aged clergymen to treat facts as the product of opinions, rather than the reverse.


Anonymous said...

Anglo-catholics constantly take bitchiness and narcissism to levels nobody previously thought possible.
Will Lutheran "evangelical catholics" be following in their foootsteps or do Scandinavians and Germans just not have the levels of self-absorption necessary to think that what they have to say or feel is that important?

Father Anonymous said...

Doesn't really matter, since we never get the same press coverage.