Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Sandy McGriff, who with her husband Weldon founded a church in Dallas, was arrested on the day after Christmas. She was found leaving the home of a parishioner with $10,000 worth of furs, purses, electronics and so forth.

McGriff claims that she had seen a broken window, and felt that it was her Christian duty to protect all that fine Santa-loot. (She calls it poor judgment, which nobody can deny). The police say that she kicked and scratched them during the arrest, not to mention slipping two sets of handcuffs. (Also, in our limited experience, signs of poor judgment).

McGriff's church, by the way, is called the Church of the Living God. This may confuse some googlers, since there is another CLG founded by her late brother-in-law, the late Larry McGriff.

Video here, courtesy of Conservative Babylon. (Incidentally, CB regularly features a Black Collar Crime Roundup. We'll be checking back often.)

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