Friday, December 10, 2010

I'd Walk a Mile for This Story

First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, Florida, had its Christmas pageant on Thursday night. A big one, with live animals and so forth. And they held it in, you know, the middle of Advent. Do people think there is no karmic price for liturgical abuse?

Seems that one of the camels fell into the crowd. Ever seen a camel up close? They're huge. You don't want one to fall on you. And yet, despite this obvious from-beyond-the-grave snark by Aidan Kavanagh, nobody was injured.

It's a pre-Christmas miracle.

Yeah, the video's on YouTube:


Father Anonymous said...

Pastor Joelle left a comment, which Blogger -- in its curious mechanical way -- refuses to publish. She said:

I think someone should call PETA. Nobody should force an animal to celebrate Christmas during Advent!

But seriously I really felt sorry for the camel --he looked terrified.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joelle. I felt so sorry for that poor camel. I doubt that when the magi visited Jesus there was such bombast as was proclaimed in West Palm Beach. It's bad enough celebrating Christmas in Advent, but Epiphany as well. Hmmm. Ah, so much education needs to be done...


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is priceless. Or, actually, this is the price one pays for the hubris of thinking one can control a camel in a church. Camels do what they want.