Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Worst Pun of the Day

On a topic of the utmost seriousness.

The Keep--A-Breast Foundation is devoted to something that can get mighty grim -- raising awareness about breast cancer. And yet, as its name suggests, the foundation is not averse to a little wordplay.

Comes today this report, that the foundation is distributing wrist bracelets that say "I [Heart] Boobies." Kind of juvenile, even when true, but inoffensive enough -- except that they are giving the bracelets to high school students. Egg readers, of course, may have belonged to the rare cohort of teens who were able to have a sustained and serious discussion of life-or-death matters, all inspired by a whimsical piece of art. But probably not, and neither do most kids.

Still, whether you think the bracelets are bit of clever provocation or a guarantee of bawdy jokes and unkind teasing, you have to admire the foundation's moxie:
Keep A Breast defended its decision to include the word "boobies," saying that the bracelets are intended to provoke conversations on touchy subjects.
Of course, they also tried this one:
"We fully understand that the 'I Love Boobies' campaign is not for everyone, but we also feel that the word 'boobies' is not a four letter word."
Not as successful, but still, points for the attempt.

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LiturgyGeek said...

ha ha - "provoke conversation on touchy subjects." I dunno, I love it. Tacky and totally class-less, but also hilarious.

This from the minister who met then-Senator Barack Obama in a shirt that said, "Save the Ta-Tas." YMMV.