Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy, Um, Stuff

(We call it "stuff" because Our beloved Godfather is sensitive about four-letter words.)

Just a few random bits and pieces:
  • Sharron Angle is a crazy lady running for office somewhere our west. She recently challenged her opponent to a debate, agreed to the date and venue, then backed out because she wants "an informed electorate." We only care because of one geektastic data point: the would-have-been host, one Jon Ralston, expressed his anger with a reference to the movie Scanners "where people's heads exploded." Man, we still love that picture:
  • A dress made out of meat? Lady Gaga is the most effective fame-whore ever. If this is what happens to kids who grow up watching Madonna videos, what will happen to kids who grow up watching this?
  • In 1972, a Roman Catholic priest joined the IRA and helped to blow some people up. The police gave evidence to the church hierarchy, which ... transferred him to a new parish. And they wonder why nobody trusts them lately?
  • This picture is the infamous military briefing slide which symbolizes the divide between PowerPoint Rangers and the Stanley McChrystal school of tech-lite warcraft. It is also one heckuvan argument against slideshows during Mass, or (we suppose) anything else:

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