Monday, September 20, 2010

The Price of Freedom

We always thought it was eternal vigilance. Turns out it's actually $180,000.

City and county authorities say that's what they spent protecting Dove World Outreach Center and other "soft targets" in the run-up to the Quran-burning-that-wasn't, and they expect Terry Jones to foot the bill.

We kept our mouth all but shut during the Dove brouhaha, mostly because we thought that nobody involved dignified themselves. Jones is clearly an attention-whore of Gagaesque proportions; the press pimped him for everything he was worth; and as for the various mobs of outraged Muslims rioting in the streets and burning churches, well, write your own expression of contempt and imagine it [here].

Still, we have to admire this response on the part of the government -- it's both a bitchy kind of payback to a guy who just spent a month making their lives miserable, and a clever disincentive for any future dumbass rednecks who want to exercise their constitutional rights in ways that make sensitive souls cringe.


Gillian said...

How about the rebuilding cost for the Anglican school in Pakistan (I think) that was burned in retribution? Can that be added onto the tab?

Sarah SSM said...

I vote for that...