Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news (lower case, here people; nothing theological intended):  Christian Moerlein still exists.

For those who've never had the pleasure, Moerlein is a Cincinnati-brewed beer.  Something a of a local legend.  Time was, Father A. drank a fair amount of it.  Just typing the name still brings back some happy memories, many of them actually beer-related.  We remember it being rich and creamy, but without the heaviness (or bitterness) of a dark beer or porter.  (And for the record, we mostly drank dark German beers in those days, and porter or black-and-tans in these).

But the poor little cleric tries not to travel west of Newark, and hadn't heard a whisper about Moerlein in decades.  In time, he assumed it had closed up shop, a victim of the wretched Buds and Coorses of the world.  So a great huzzah to know the company is going strong.

Now here's the (potentially) bad news:  

The German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati will host a ceremonial keg tapping of a reformulated Moerlein Lager House beer on May 15 at Germania Park. All proceeds benefit the German-American Citizens League and Germania Society.

Reformulated?  Wtf, people?  You don't reformulate a classic.  Just ask Coca-Cola.  And yes, Lager House is their flagship, advertised as "the first American beer to pass the Reinhetisgebot Purity Law."  (They mean "comply with," but give them a break.  It was late, and they had probably already started sampling the wares).

Hmm.  We are gravely concerned, but will await the verdict from some kindly Ohio reader.

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