Friday, April 10, 2009

Eighteen Percent Pension Contribution Wasn't Good Enough

... for Fr. William Blasingame, of Staten Island, who is accused of stealing something like $85k from his church, and blowing it on "fancy clothes, plastic surgery, Botox and booze," as well as more mundane stuff like car insurance.  He is also accused of pocketing money given him for an old woman's headstone.

A kick-boxing cleric who will not be nicknamed for fear of retribution pointed this out to us, and observed that Episcopalians even commit ludicrous crimes with a certain elan. She mentioned the orgies on Long Island some years back, although -- according to the settlement agreement with Penthouse -- those were fabricated stories. Nor do we know whether Blasingame is guilty, or the victim of some terrible misunderstanding.

But, seriously -- Botox?

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