Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Conservatism" That Makes Your Head Spin

This sounds important, at first:

Pope Benedict XVI has ordered a probe into the ultra-conservative Legionaries of Christ after allegations that the order's late founder Marcial Maciel secretly fathered a child, the Zenit agency reported.

A team of bishops and priests will carry out the inquiry into the movement after reports that Maciel, who died in January 2008 aged 87, had fathered a daughter, the agency reported. ... At stake in the investigation is the significant estate that Maciel left behind, which his daughter could have a claim to.

Oooh. Bad priest! Then we remember that there have been reports for years that he sexually abused seminarians. And suddenly, the secret family seems almost innocent. We wonder if any of those guys will get a share of the estate?

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