Thursday, July 31, 2008

Woe Unto the Shepherds

News from Alabama:  a preacher's wife discovered that he was sexually molesting their 11-year-old daughter.  So he killed his wife, and forced the daughter to help him hide the body in a freezer.  Which is where police found it four years later.

Obviously, Anthony Hopkins is an evil S.O.B., and even though he is a black man in Alabama, the criminal justice system cannot punish him severely enough.  Fortunately, God can. 

We do need to register a complaint with CNN, though.  Their story identifies Hopkins as "an evangelical."  It seems obvious from the context that he was better identified as a Pentecostal or Holiness preacher.  There is a pretty significant difference there, even in the mass media are beginning to lose touch with it.

And we also wonder, parenthetically, about Hopkins' friend and colleague Jerry Porter.  On one hand, Porter seems to have suspected something was wrong -- when Hopkins couldn't answer such basic questions as "Where's your wife today," he barred him from preaching.  On the other hand, he didn't (a) call the cops, (b) demand a straight answer, or (c) call the cops again.  

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