Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John McCain is a Real American

Because he has started whining.  

Apparently, the candidate who used to joke that the media was his base is now running ads complaining that those fickle mediacrats are "in love" with Obama.  Now, to some readers this may look sort of (hmmm, what's the word?  Oh yeah) babyish, on the order of "Mommy, Mommy, Chris Matthews used to be my bes' frien' and now he says he's bes' fren's with Barry -- Mommy, make him stop."  

Unseemly, right?  You just want to scream, "You're a big boy now, so suck it up."  Right?

Wrong.  We at the Egg see what Sen. McCain is up to.  He's showing us that he's a Real American, just like you and me -- a regular guy, despite the rich wife and the confusion about Google.  The key is Phil Gramm, the sensitive soul who until recently served as one of McCain's economic advisors, and whose analysis of our present financial situation was that it was a mental recession, created by a nation of whiners.

Get it?  We're a nation of whiners.  So when McCain whines like a little baby, he's just showing that he's one of us.

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