Thursday, March 20, 2008

McCain Confuses Jewish Princess With Candy-Eating Ghost

Another gaffe from the Israel junket:  A day or two after Joe Lieberman had to correct McCain about terrorist training, he had to explain that Purim isn't really the Jewish version of Halloween.

No biggie here -- a secular nation does not require its leaders to know much about religious holidays.  (And McCain, who over the years has had trouble deciding whether he is an Episcopalian or a Baptist, can certainly be excused for ignorance of Judaism, and even applauded for his lame effort to learn quickly about a celebration he doesn't understand.)

But a really strong candidate would have made it his (or, especially, her) business to get these things right -- to know something about the whistle-stop visit to a religious celebration, and much more to the point, who our real enemies are.  

Can we risk yet another president who refuses to do his homework?

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