Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Low the Mighty Have Fallen

An important public figure has been caught, red-handed, in behavior that is both legally and morally suspect. Prosecution follows, but it pales beside the public humiliation -- and the outrage of the crowds, who scream, "But we looked up to you!"

Eliot Spitzer, you say? Roger Clemens?

No. Dawn Wells. You may remember her as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island.

Apparently, the former Miss Nevada was caught driving erratically and in possession of a little marijuana. She claims the drugs were left in her car by a friend and/or hitch-hikers, and that she was swerving all over the road because she couldn't find the heater in her new vehicle. We believe her, because -- well, after Julie Newmar, and maybe Yvonne Craig, it was Dawn Wells who made our early adolescence possible.

The judge gave her five days in the slammer for reckless driving, along with probation and a $410 fine.

Click the link for what may the single cutest mugshot of all time.

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