Friday, October 11, 2013

Vatican Misspells "Jesus"

Stolen from The Telegraph
On Tuesday, the Vatican released, and hours later withdrew, a medal intended to celebrate the present pope's first year.

Around its periphery, the medal was mean to show the words of a sermon by the Venerable Bede, on St. Matthew's Gospel (9:9-13):
Vidit ergo Iesus publicanum, et quia miserando atque eligendo vidit, ait illi "Sequere me."
It means, roughly,
Therefore, Jesus saw the tax collector, and because he saw by having mercy and by choosing, said to him, "Follow me."  
This is the source of Pope Francis's personal motto, "Miserando atque Eligendo."  The official translation is "Lowly but chosen."

Sadly, the medal actually read "Vidit ergo Lesus."  With an L.

Lesus, needless to say, is not the name of our Lord and Savior.

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